Essential qualities for Western men : logical mind and individualism


Capitalism is not just a social system. It's a religion of money worship, and it literally brainwashes the believers. I will explain why and how later, but for now, I want to tell young Westerners that they have great qualities against the brainwash, and it is also the reason I want to encourage them.  

Because of political correctness movement and cancel culture, young Western men have been made to believe they are worthless, but it's never true. They have great advantages, and because they have great advantages, globohomo elites are working very hard to cancel them.


Hi! Thank you for your interest in Love Not Money. I am Case-K Omura from Japan, and I'm here to tell you why Western civilization is important. It's been a while since Political correctness movement came around, and today young white straight men seem to have lost confidence in themselves. I thought I could encourage them by telling what potential they have.

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