Hi! Thank you for your interest in Love Not Money. I am Case-K Omura from Japan, and I'm here to tell you why Western civilization is important. It's been a while since Political correctness movement came around, and today young white straight men seem to have lost confidence in themselves. I thought I could encourage them by telling what potential they have.

Strange death of the West

The 20th century was a time of ideological struggle. Liberalism, totalitarianism, and communism fought against each other, and in the end, American liberal democracy won. The victory of the U.S. was called "the end of history" by Francis Fukuyama, meaning that American liberal democracy is the highest form of government. I think he was correct, but 30 years after the collapse of Soviet Union, the US and Europe are also collapsing.

Money worshipping

Money is the route of all evil. In other words, capitalism is the problem. Capitalism is not just a social system. It's a religion of money worship, and it literally brainwashes the believers. Westerners have been made to believe capitalism is a part of Western civilization when it is not actually. This is the reason why America is collapsing right after becoming the champion of 20th century.

Promoting love

Promoting love is another goal of mine. Because many of 4chan polsters are interested in Japanese girls, I want to give them a chance to become a love missionaries. Japan has the highest rate of virgins, un-married, and sexlessness in the world and is thought to be extinct eventually. The reason is Japanese people don't know what love is. The idea of love was brought to Japan by Christian missionaries of the middle age. Marriage in Japan used to be arranged by parents so why don't you teach them love and save them from extinction? Saving endangered species is a sublime mission.

Better sex

Sigmund Freud argued that sexual repression was one of the roots of many problems in Western society. Jesus didn't deny sex, but his followers made sex taboo, and it lead to capitalism. Women had better sex under socialism. Love and sex are different, but the source is the same. Promoting sex is also my goal.


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