Essential qualities for Western men : logical mind and individualism


Capitalism is not just a social system. It's a religion of money worship, and it literally brainwashes the believers. I will explain why and how later, but for now, I want to tell young Westerners that they have great qualities against the brainwash, and it is also the reason I want to encourage them.  

Because of political correctness movement and cancel culture, young Western men have been made to believe they are worthless, but it's never true. They have great advantages, and because they have great advantages, globohomo elites are working very hard to cancel them.

Many of 4chan polsters believe Japan is a paradise because Japan is globohomo resistant, but they are misunderstanding. It's just too easy to cancel Japan or Japan has already been subdued.

The advantage Westerners have is that they have logical minds. Because the West has a history of philosophy and the Enlightenment, most of Westerners are trained to think logically and critically. Debate is a good method of deprogramming brainwash, and according to a professional deprogrammer, the hardest people you can deprogram are people who don't have logical mind. You cannot argue with someone who does not have logical mind. On the contrary, if you have logical and critical mind, you can deprogram yourself, and if you can deprogram yourself, you can also deprogram your friends.

Individualism is also an essential quality of Westerners. Individualism is the principle of being independent and self-reliant, and the opposite of individualism is collectivism. Collectivists are people who follow somebody else's decision. Collectivism is good as long as having a good leader, but when a group is unable to have a good leader, there is a good chance the group falls into death trap of army ants. Army ants are blind and use pheromones to follow trails of other ants. If a trail loops they get locked running in an endless circle until they die. Have you heard of a Japanese term "Karoshi"? It means overwork death. It's a human version of death trap of army ants. Because Japanese people don't have the individual mind, they cannot stop working when everybody else is working. They just work until drop dead just like trapped army ants walk until drop dead.


On the contrary, a man with logical and individual mind can stand up alone no matter what other people are thinking and doing. He has his own compass to follow. His faith is his his compass, and if his logical mind approves of his faith, he can act on his own.

Depopulation plan is not a theory but reality. Capitalist elites want to kill us all, and although most of the people in capitalist countries never believe such a plan because they've been brainwashed, some Westerners who have logical and individual mind, I believe, would deprogram themselves and team up with like-minded people and survive the depopulation plan.




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